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Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging

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It is the kgn design mission to facilitate steady growth on the basis of what content and history is already present. Improving your lifestyle in a sensible and budget friendly way, so kgn design won't ask you to throw everything out and shop some more. Careful consideration to desired purpose, building on what gems are present, your property will feel invigorated and so will you. Saving time, money and energy can be achieved by re-purposing old items, either by just re-positioning them, by finding alternative use or by up-cycling old treasures. kgn design show you how.

Interior Organising & Home Staging

Getting organised saves you time, money and energy. Enjoying your treasures afresh, or improving your chances of a quick turn over when selling, calling in kgn design will help you get the best from your property. From the kgn design blog: A room with few windows and high ceiling can be turned into a lovely multifunctional haven. Clever positioning of a moveable screen and lights divide a space into zones, and by emulating the floor covering and leaving out visible handles, the storage units are quite discrete.


An expert in small homes, Kirsten G Nielsen of kgn design, suggests the easiest way to declutter is to simply "Display & Enjoy"! To create more space, simply decide to use your extra collection of 'Sunday bests' every day of the week, and you will want to get rid of some of the less good quality, less stylish pieces of clothing, mugs and chipped items. Check the kgn design blog for more including decluttering for children.

Kirsten G Nielsen, Interior Organiser, Designer & Owner of kgn design

"Supportive surroundings help us achieve our goals. It's my privilege to help you experience that." Kirsten G Nielsen has studied Property Development under property developer and presenter Martin Roberts of BBC's 'Homes Under The Hammer', Interior Design in Copenhagen, featured on STV's 'Too Good To Waste', in 'House Beautiful', 'Life 55' and 'Women's Enterprise Scotland'. To make Kirsten feature in your home too, simply fill in 'Contact' or call 07900 68 31 64 today.

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