5 Space Saving Tips

1. Define your spaces by use.

There are so many benefits to this, if you do one thing – this is it. Stacking/lining up similar things save space, simply because items will fit together well.

When items are stored like-with-like, you’re also less likely to break items and less likely to buy doubles because you can easily see what you have.

Placing items where they are being used, means you don’t have to handle them twice and have a kind of item take up space twice over. The idea is to have less stuff on stairs, counters, in bowls by the door, on chairs, ironing boards etc. waiting to be moved and dealt with for a second time …….Note I wrote ‘less’ and not ‘no’ stuff, as you’d need to be truly strict with yourself, never needing to rush off, and amazing at getting the idea through to the people you share the home with to achieve that. Basically if you doing ‘less’ or better than less, you are doing grand and should congratulate yourself.

2. Find agreement between the habitants.

Thumbs up by every inhabitant to the same routines and end goals is essential for it to be achieved.

Thumbs up by every inhabitant to the same routines and end goals is essential for it to be achieved.

Look to get everyone aboard one dream goal. It’ll take just one person a couple of minutes to take up (or lets be honest – ‘mess up’) the space you are trying to achieve, so it’s worth taking the time to really get everyone on board. Making it a feel good, purposeful and exciting goal helps.

3. Double up use wherever possible.

Unless items are of significant history or a family treasure, items need to have more than one use wherever possible. Imagine if everything in your wardrobe only went with one other piece of clothing – you’d need a massive wardrobe! The same goes for everything else in the house. Most items are hard to use for anything other than original purpose, but it’s worth being a bit inventive and consider using items to

  • brighten up the place,
  • for storage/as containers
  • and/or furniture.

There are some clever desk/beds, sofa beds, foot stools with storage, kitchen containers pretty enough for serving, shelves with hooks/bars to hang things off of, desks which tidies away etc. out there well making it worth your effort.

4. Use your ‘Sunday bests’.

It’s possible to cut down on every day items by getting more of your – to keep on with the wardrobe analogy -’Sunday-bests’ out. Using your ‘best” more often also means you get your money’s worth out of it. …and for the fear of sounding like an advert: you are worth it – and not just on a Sunday. Enjoy your treasures.

5. Hang it up or put it up high.

Wherever possible it’s worth getting things off the floor, behind doors and up high. Despite having taken the 4 previous suggestions to heart, there’ll still be a few, a very few, items you don’t use often, have but one purpose.

Items for hanging:

  • necklaces,
  • belts,
  • bags,
  • cords and items on cords

Items for storing up high:

  • holiday decorations,
  • luggage,
  • hobby items such as sowing machine, material, easel, fitness equipment, games etc.
  • seasonal items like clothing, tents, sleeping bags, skiing relevant items,
  • spare items such as duvets, pillows and blankets, bulbs, electronics, frames, artworks even folding chairs and tables,
  • Bobble-wrap, cardboard,

By now you should have more space to enjoy.


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