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Kirsten G Nielsen: 'Sometimes contract requires a mood board. Whatever it takes to change an untidy mess into a functional haven.

Kirsten G Nielsen: ‘Sometimes contract requires a mood board. Whatever it takes to change an untidy mess into a functional haven.






Better by design:

Kirsten has set up one of Scotland’s more unusual design agencies. Here she tells of her background, philosophy and skills and most importantly:

how hiring her will change your home and your life.








What’s your background?
I was born in Sorø, which is like the St Andrews of Denmark. When I grew up I moved to Copenhagen where I studied office administration, psychology, film and interior design. I have since worked internationally in business, the charity sector and in recycling. I’ve learned a lot about the energy used in production and the importance of not wasting it.

Define what you do?
Motivated by honesty and common sense, I help clients to achieve the best from their home – whether staying, renting or selling – by sorting, zoning and styling anything and everything for optimum function and style.
I take my responsibility of being in someone else’s home very seriously and don’t recommend actions without having extensive knowledge and experience behind them.

Why Interior Organising?
I don’t call what I do Interior Design or Decluttering, as that often implies throwing out or replacing items without actually first defining what you need overall. By organising your home, you save your memories and identity and ultimately you save time, energy and money.

What drives your work?
Life makes many demands on everyone – I just want to make sure people are supported and at peace in their homes; that interiors are not a constant concern or a bone of contention between habitants. I get an absolute kick out seeing things come together and there’s nothing better than for someone to say: ‘Kirsten, you are an absolute lifesaver.’

What inspires you?
I have produced designs all my life and I’m naturally logical, visual and resourceful. I’ll say I’m inspired by others who also do what they like and have natural talents for – there’s an authenticity to it. Yes, there are rules and regulations to interior design and living space, but you can’t beat ‘having a gift for it’ and ‘loving what you do’. I come from a country famous for its stylish and functional designs, and on my father’s side there are signs of a creative gene also, so I guess I just can’t help organising items, shapes and colours.

What’s the first step?
I start with dreams and habits. I find out what a client’s dreams are and work to their needs. Together we can deal with any part of a house or the organic whole; I get clients to look at their habits before I start work – what’s not working, what is and what needs to change. On projects of 10+ hours I supply a report afterward, a guide as to how the project unfolded. I also supply a little optional ‘to do’ list which the client can implement themselves, should they wish to. For smaller projects we agree on hours and goal – and get cracking!

And when it’s finished?
When the work is complete I am more than happy to come back in three or six months if something more needs to be done, review a problem or give something a little lift. Maybe a few interior design ideas are called for and I can supply that too.

Do you offer any other services?
I offer Interior Organising combined with House Sitting – you can go away and come home to everything sorted and styled. I also design – anything! I am currently working on a new kind of utensil and a bowl both for mass production. I also design Christmas cards, gift wrap and seasonal decorations.

What is your advice to someone who wants to change their home?
Keep it authentic and real, don’t try to buy another identity. Be proud of your history and your home. It’s an old fashioned word now, but being “proud” can feel very good. You deserve a better life, you work hard. Interior Organising is your chance to improve on things.

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