A Flat with Rooms To Let

It’s not always easy to let a room. Maybe it’s a bit out of town, maybe the kitchen lets the property down – the list is endless. What you can do, is to make sure first impressions are as good as your content will allow. Take a lovely bright flat with new kitchen and bathroom still not finding tenants for the rooms. Months has gone by and nothing happening. kgn design got the call and this is what was done:

Living Room Area:


Everywhere you looked there was something; focus was a tiled coffee table, there wasn’t much floor space and what there was, you had to manoeuvre through furniture to access (there were about 2×2 feet by the TV). Not exactly saying “room for one more”.


A simple tidy up, items changed around, some removed for better use elsewhere (a bamboo chair was moved to one of the bedrooms), nothing new added and the result is a room looking less old fashioned and a lot more spacious.


Dining Area:

Sometimes you need to do very little to vastly increase the sense of an area in a house. Here the wiring and the added chair at the end of the dining table didn’t do the room any favours. The armchair went into bedroom 2 and the wires were fixed behind the bookcase. 


Swapping items around on the bookcase also made the collection of African items look less like toys and more like art, adding drinking glasses further helped style the area – all little clues a potential tenant wouldn’t necessarily be aware they are noticing, but which can help sway a decision result in a positive outcome.



The flat had two bedrooms to let. Available were beds, cupboards, drawers and desks, but whereas the living room/dining area were overcrowed, the sparingly presented bedrooms looked and felt more like cells than warm and relaxing spaces for potential tenants to retire to. 



The solution was placing taller units out of immediate sight, allowing viewers to be guided into the room and provide a sense of space. To be immediately confronted with heavy and tall furniture will make the viewer feel blocked from entering the room further and thus the room smaller.

With that in mind adding a comfortable and heavy chair from the living room to each bedroom could therefore easily have been a negative if not positioned right. With low armrests it was , however, possible to position the chairs, and for them to act as a further reminder these rooms provide comfort.


Adding soft furnishings, a little plant or two from the kitchen and living room, as well as placing items clarifying potential usage -such as the laptop on the desk- helps the viewer see themselves in the space. In this case it also reminded viewers the flat had wi-fi.

I’m happy to be able to say the client had a tenant within 10 days after months without result. And for a quarter of what was lost without a paying tenant.


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