Code of Conduct

The kgn design Promise

kgn design adhere to a set of standards essential for every company. kgn design standards offer our clients a high quality service, a safe home and great value for money. kgn design promise you will love your home after a kgn design visit!

Our services allows for time, energy and money to be invested carefully and considered in better quality items and experiences.

Standards for kgn design client contracts

kgn design is a member of Apdo-uk, the UK wide trade Association for Professional Declutterers and Organisers, kgn design adhere to the associations code of Ethics.

Apdo-uk’s code of ethics:

  • I will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, except in very exceptional and specific circumstances where I am obliged by law to disclose such information.
  • Irrespective of who instructs me or pays for my services, I will always maintain the confidentiality of my client i.e., the person with whom I am working and who is receiving the benefit of my services and professional help.
  • I will provide clear and honest information about my professional qualifications and expertise and will accurately represent those qualifications in any verbal and/or written communications and in any promotional materials.
  • I will only undertake work within the areas of my expertise, abilities and competence. If and when appropriate, I will invite clients to seek other forms of professional help.
  • I will communicate in advance all terms and conditions to clients, including fees, expenses, likely methods of working and cancellation policies.
  • I will disclose to clients information regarding existing or potential commercial gains for me personally from recommending specific goods or services.


kgn design promise customer satisfaction
– we guarantee you will be satisfied, or we will resolve your issues as per contract,
– help remove the sense of overwhelm,
– talk you through every step and
– leave you inspired and able.
For testimonials in support of this, check and LinkedIn.

kgn design treat you and your home as individual with individual needs
– consultancy is tailored to suit each clients’ individual needs and requests to obtain the optimal outcome,
– everyone’s home requirements are different, and is given our bespoke service,
– every person’s experiences and personal requirement are respected and taken into account,

kgn design supply quality sustainable design solutions
– re-purposing and re-using materials are the highest level of recycling. kgn design use this technique where ever possible, allowing the history of your home and your life to shine through in solutions.
– recycling where possible,
– donate to charity.

kgn design is professional in everything we do
– we have been providing high quality Interior Organising since 2009, Interior Organising & Design being a lifelong passion for owner Kirsten G Nielsen.
– holds full clean Disclosure Scotland certificate,
– previous job references available on request,
– has trained in Health & Safety
– holds a first aid certificate.
– treat your belongings with the utmost respect
– before work commences client sign terms and conditions
– where quote has been agreed on, that will be signed too, eliminating any concern.

kgn design offer value for money
– our service ensures our range of Interior Organising & Styling, Decluttering, Re-Purposing, and design consultancy, achieve the ultimate solution for you, your items and your home.
– ensure client needs are discussed and process understood before quotes for our service are offered, so no time, energy or money waste occur.
– To keep our prices low we ask you to confirm you hold home content and accidental damage insurance.
– any pre-consultancy measuring, photos and ordering are the responsibility of the client
– offer advice on how to make money from surplus content
– offer advice improving the value of your property.

kgn design is up to date
– continuously attend exhibitions, research trends and create designs of our own to allow our clients to experience the benefit of the latest studies and trends.

kgn design invite your feedback
– keeping in touch, ensuring you are provided up to date research relevant to our contract, we value your views on the progress and results you achieve.

For extended information on any of our standards please
contact us on email or call on +44 (0) 7900 68 31 64

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