Advents candles – quick and cheap solutions

Buy 4 candles big enough for you to be able to stick little bling stickers on each.

I found these in Tiger and added an elastic band toadvents candles help me add the bling in a straight line.









I found some bindis and other random pieces of bling I’d kept – adding 1, 2, 3 and 4 bindis gave me the 4 advent Sundays’ candles I needed.





But I also had some silver crackers and a little lovely birdhouse, so I’d like something less colourful and chose some half pearls and half diamante to attach instead.

This time I simply put the half pearls in a line, one extending up the way for the second, third and fourth Sunday in Advent. I’ve replaced a random one with a diamante and added another as a star indicator.



Adding some wild ivy from the yard, a couple of baubles to match the candles from a super cheap shop, this birdhouse from Studio One



and some silver crackers from a super market










this is the result:

fireplace paint fixed


NB Cut the wicks to about 1.5 cm before lighting them, and do not under any circumstances leave a burning candle out of your sight or in reach of un-supervised todlers and children. Also watch a child doesn’t try to eat the bling or pull at the leaves or twigs.