Calendar candle

Isn’t it pretty with a candle telling you what day it is? I get one from Denmark in my sister’s lovingly wrapped advent gifts.

So how do you go about it safely, neatly and fun?

For a start it’s got to be safely placed. A massive one like the one I got this year – well, all I could think of, not having a candle holder that size nor any clay, was to put it in a vase heavy with water. To keep the candle from just plunging in deep, I wrapped some bobble-wrap around the candle. It worked a treat.

To cover the top of the wrap, I twisted some ivy and added a wee green star.

For look you’d do best to find a vase no shorter than 1/2 of the candle, or make the candle holder wider, both so the candle doesn’t look disproportionate to the holder.

This is how it looks
Candle fixed

candle wreath