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Some blogs contain Tips & Ideas, some are about Motivation and Feeling Better, but they all contain inspiration, so go on – enjoy!

Organised for writing


Stop judging and enjoy! Writing for business. So you have this idea: you would like to make money from your passion and to help others while achieving your dream. You might even have had a few happy clients, have set up a website and social media….but it’s stagnated and gathering dust…maybe even in grave danger [...]

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Sink Gaudi Batllo feature image

I’m not a big fan of filling a container and starting over when clients say: I want minimalist! While most do want less and love the idea of minimalist – going overboard just leaves a sense of emotional jet-lag, and a need to go back to old routines for comfort.   Instead, if you want [...]

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Wrapping to last in transition

A lot of us no longer live in the same area as we were brought up in, so there’ll be some transporting of gifts when it’s time to go for Christmas or sending gifts for birthdays and other celebrations. But how to handle it without it getting to looked all broken and squashed? Here’s a [...]

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Gift adornments

button and paper gift adornment

So many gifts to wrap and a simple bow is getting a bit boring or maybe it just looks too twee for the size of gift. But what if you have a piece of material, some left over ribbon, pipe cleaner, broken toy, buttons or nothing at all? Please don’t fret, but enjoy some inspiration [...]

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Nice treats

marzipan, chocolate treats, home made, quick

I’m not a good baker or chocolate handler, but love having fun making my own tasty treats, so here’s some home made treats made in time for visitors: I got some high percentage marzipan – i.e. 60% of almonds or above – and fancied being creative with it. Surely I had some liqueur or something [...]

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Wrapping gifts using what you already have.

extending gift wrap, not enough paper

Over the years I’ve had much fun gift wrapping, so I thought I’d share a couple of fun, simple and easy to do ideas, which also won’t break the bank.I reuse and keep a stock of cheap ribbon and other bits and pieces bought or gifted over the years, so before you rush out and buy [...]

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Christmas cards and when to send them

  Many choose to send wishes for the season by email these days. Quick and easy – and sometimes some stunning and lovely wee animations are filling your inbox. I still find it’s lovely to receive cards too though, so I take the time to send cards also….well, you can’t expect to receive without sending [...]

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Calendar candle

candle wreath

Isn’t it pretty with a candle telling you what day it is? I get one from Denmark in my sister’s lovingly wrapped advent gifts. So how do you go about it safely, neatly and fun? For a start it’s got to be safely placed. A massive one like the one I got this year – [...]

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