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Sink Gaudi Batllo feature image

I’m not a big fan of filling a container and starting over when clients say: I want minimalist! While most do want less and love the idea of minimalist – going overboard just leaves a sense of emotional jet-lag, and a need to go back to old routines for comfort.   Instead, if you want [...]

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Wrapping to last in transition

A lot of us no longer live in the same area as we were brought up in, so there’ll be some transporting of gifts when it’s time to go for Christmas or sending gifts for birthdays and other celebrations. But how to handle it without it getting to looked all broken and squashed? Here’s a [...]

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Gift adornments

button and paper gift adornment

So many gifts to wrap and a simple bow is getting a bit boring or maybe it just looks too twee for the size of gift. But what if you have a piece of material, some left over ribbon, pipe cleaner, broken toy, buttons or nothing at all? Please don’t fret, but enjoy some inspiration [...]

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Little and often leads to achievements and motivation.

Just no time or energy to get everything to fit into your schedule or space? It quickly becomes a Catch 22 as the busier the lifestyle, the more you need organisation, and the less often you organise and declutter, the less likely you are to master it. Result is getting organised can become intimidating, and [...]

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Organised – when the inevitable happens

Angel tips organised even in death Edinburgh Scotland kgn design

Having spoken to people having suffered loss, worked with clients left behind and thought about own experiences – these are some of the subject well worth considering:   Before the inevitable     If you feel you know something ‘in your bones’ – act on it. If not it could be too late. Spare those [...]

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Selling, Selling, Sold!

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

Selling, but not enough viewers or even just one viewer? Please consider how long it takes for you to make a judgement on what you see. When there are many to pick from, you take less time still, right? Same goes for everyone else. It is indeed quick to drive by your property, or flick [...]

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Winter Mornings – Weather Ready?

organised for winter weather

There are ways to not be as lost, as many appear, to be the moment the ground turns white: Weather Check the weather the night before. Consider going to bed early so you can get up an hour earlier, making sure you get to work, have time to change and sort your make-up before hitting [...]

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Display & Enjoy!

Display, enjoy using your sunday best Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

One enjoyable, and easy way to create more space, is simply to use and display your most treasured items all the time. That way you can get rid of some of the less ‘on style’ mugs, chipped pieces and stained cutlery you used to use, but now no longer need.

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