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5 Space Saving Tips

1. Define your spaces by use. There are so many benefits to this, if you do one thing – this is it. Stacking/lining up similar things save space, simply because items will fit together well. When items are stored like-with-like, you’re also less likely to break items and less likely to buy doubles because you [...]

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From Small Room to Multifunctional Haven

A room with few windows and high ceiling can be turned into a lovely multifunctional haven. Clever positioning of a moveable screen and lights divide a space into zones, and by emulating the floor covering and leaving out visible handles, the storage units are quite discrete. Placing the desk out of regular traffic provides a [...]

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10 Steps to Decluttering & Cleaning

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

   Yes, this isn’t done in a 1, 2, 3 I’m afraid. Taking it one step at a time and with a bit of focus and planning, you’ll be flying all the same. Many think they don’t have the right storage units or boxes and tend to start with a shopping trip. My advice is [...]

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Downsizing – tasks & priorities.

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Moving and selling? Having to think about both the old and the new home at the same time is a lot to content with for anyone. For people who have suffered a loss or maybe aren’t as physically strong as they used to be, it’s not unusual for the task of ‘downsizing’ to the added [...]

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