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Nice treats

marzipan, chocolate treats, home made, quick

I’m not a good baker or chocolate handler, but love having fun making my own tasty treats, so here’s some home made treats made in time for visitors: I got some high percentage marzipan – i.e. 60% of almonds or above – and fancied being creative with it. Surely I had some liqueur or something [...]

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Frankie & Benny’s

Where to Eat & Drink? Did I enjoy the food? Did you? Were the staff, noise levels, surroundings and bill just the way you like it? Here’s what I felt about a few visits: (Rated less than 5 and I’m not going back) Frankie & Benny’s Omni Centre, Edinburgh (12/10/10)  7 out of 10 New [...]

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Gloegg – create your own Scandinavian winter warmer

Winter warmer from good raw materials

  It’s been a cold and long day or maybe it’s time to share a film or a board game with some friends? I suggest you serve a warm drink full of heat and comforting spices! And what’s more – it isn’t hard to prepare and it’ll make the house smell gorgeous when you make [...]

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Home Made Elderflower Cordial

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  It’s so simple to do and brings summer a bit closer with this first bit of cooking of fresh produce – straight from nature (remember to ask if it looks like it’s growing on private land). I love the taste of this and it’s simple to balance the flavours a bit to suit your taste too. [...]

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Thai food – with a little help, it’s easy!

Thai chicken soup photo

I’ve just come home after a wee trip out, bag full of oranges, lemons, lemon grass, nam pla (fish sauce), kaffir lime leaves and galangal (looks like ginger). This is going to be exciting cooking. And it was! I’d been down to Haymarket way and thought I’d go check out Thai @ Haymarket and see [...]

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