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Wrapping to last in transition

A lot of us no longer live in the same area as we were brought up in, so there’ll be some transporting of gifts when it’s time to go for Christmas or sending gifts for birthdays and other celebrations. But how to handle it without it getting to looked all broken and squashed? Here’s a [...]

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Gift adornments

button and paper gift adornment

So many gifts to wrap and a simple bow is getting a bit boring or maybe it just looks too twee for the size of gift. But what if you have a piece of material, some left over ribbon, pipe cleaner, broken toy, buttons or nothing at all? Please don’t fret, but enjoy some inspiration [...]

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Napkins For Everyday Use

If the word ‘napkin’ brings on the vision of stiff white cotton, piles of washing and ironing – think again. Crochet a few squares from your balls of cotton, place the napkins in a tray from a gift of smellies (I bet you got some last Christmas, right?), and you have a bright and enjoyable [...]

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Gift Wrap: No ribbons, not enough paper or masculine gift?

Gift wrap without using ribbons

Here’s a few solutions for when you are caught short: First clear a bit of hard even surface to work on – the size of an A3 sheet should do. Then follow the instructions below to make a gift look lovely and special. If it’s an inexpensive gift that is the worry, all the more reason [...]

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Making The Old Look New & Using Items To Guide Movement.

make inherited pieces yours with upcyling Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

Sometimes there are items you have inherited -or just love- but are looking a little less than fashionable. It might be from the 80s or even last century. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it fit your 21st century home. You might even place it to help people find their way around the home! Making [...]

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A Flat with Rooms To Let

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

It’s not always easy to let a room. Maybe it’s a bit out of town, maybe the kitchen lets the property down – the list is endless. What you can do, is to make sure first impressions are as good as your content will allow. Take a lovely bright flat with new kitchen and bathroom [...]

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