Children grow up so fast.

Are you a parent still talking about ‘I need to’ when clearing toys and your child’s room?

It’s a bit risky suggesting something to a parent regarding their child, but I’m going to chance it and ask you to re-consider ‘I need to’ and change it to at least ‘we need to’, including your child in the process.

Big clear outs don’t come around often. That means you don’t have many opportunities to teach your child how to do so before they are grown and have habits of their own. And I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to change habits, do I?

By the time children are 11-12 years old, the time to learn such major routines are as good as gone; some theories even put that time a few years earlier.

So grab every ¬†’clear out’ with both hands and use it as an ¬†opportunity to teach your child to do it for themselves. It’ll prevent you from running after them tidying for years to come, not to mention saving your child a lifetime of them wasting time, energy and money, maybe even arguing with their partners, because they weren’t given the tools to organize.



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