Decorating – fun and easy

simple green wreath, blue, purpleThere are so many things you can do and decorate for Christmas, so don’t get bugged down in details if it takes away from the enjoyment of the process. The thing is to get a bit of a theme going – and yes: everything but the kitchen sink can be a theme too, but it does require a skilled eye.

A simple way to find out if your colour idea works is to simply put e.g. ‘Christmas red, green, cerise’ in a Google image search and see what’s available. I have for years been a bit worried about blue being too cold, just generally and my living room turns North; but this year it feels right with a little from the purple range of colours.

After having decorated my mantel piece, I had enough to make a quick wreath for the door: some left over ivy, a couple of pieces of holly, baubles, a birdhouse and the bow from my advent gift this morning – oh, and a couple of twisties from various electrical purchases over the year. And wouldn’t you believe it – I just heard holly and ivy was known for warding off evil spirit, but also to celebrate new growth in pre-Christian times, holly being the male to the female ivy. Whatever keeps you warm in the winter, aye?

I started with two 1.5 cm ish branches of ivy, circled one to the desired size and then twisted on the further green material. Have a small branch or two ready to cover the areas which just don’t look too nice.

Roll and squeeze the wreath a bit to see about getting the shape you fancy. It might not be perfectly round, but I added the holly to hide the slightly off shape, added the baubles and for interest the birdhouse was attached. And there you have it.

As you can see the mantel piece had set me up for it, and I’ll continue the theme with plenty more baubles in the box from poundsavers, ivy in the yard and one more birdhouse to place.
fireplace paint fixed