Enjoy Organizing!

“’Enjoy’ and ‘Organizing’ in the same sentence – that’s an oxymoron, right?”

Becoming aware of how you tend to work and plan accordingly, you too can enjoy organizing even the biggest mess.

“Really? Everything I read seems to be just one headline grabbing trick, so why would I need a unique and special solution?”

You are unique and special! Your chosen timeframe, style and priorities affect how you work. Think about it before you start an organising project and you really can enjoy it.

See if any of these styles of organizing rings a bell:

  • Running around, a whole room full of stuff soon yanked out of where it was. Not a lot of patience, a big skip ordered, lots of big black bags and a shopping trip to a furniture store before any details of what is to be achieved have been carefully considered.
  • Lots of eye catching and tactile items, colours, shapes and textures. Clothes tried on, furniture tested by touch and interaction, magazines with lots of colourful images flicked through and kept for creative projects. Memories and creative materials abound.
  • Numbers, lines, grouping and symmetry; hours spent lining items up alphabetically, by measurements and themes. Reference books and papers kept, some with out of date research and news, as “one can never know enough”.

And there are those of us who are more a less a mixture of all of those and more! It’s you just enjoying doing your thing……..until you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and joy is replaced with frustration!

Before you start organizing have a look at how you usually start, go and finish. Plan for what you need to do after you have pulled everything out in frenzy; remember to move on when you sit engrossed in feathers, gloves, stones and magazines – whatever your style of action is – plan the task to suit your time, energy and finances.

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Some of what inspired me for this blog can be find here: http://www.criterionpartnership.co.uk/personality_tests
and in Hellen Buttegieg’s “Organizing outside the box”.

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