Frankie & Benny’s

Where to Eat & Drink? Did I enjoy the food? Did you? Were the staff, noise levels, surroundings and bill just the way you like it? Here’s what I felt about a few visits:

(Rated less than 5 and I’m not going back)

Frankie & Benny’s Omni Centre, Edinburgh (12/10/10)  7 out of 10

New York Italian restaurant….


Wine (though not Italian in an Italian restaurant?) fine and tap water tasting lovely.

Everything looked nicely clean.

Quiet enough for me to hear myself think in the wee corner I found. No longer a given when you go out. Much appreciated.

Coffee good and reasonably priced, but that’s a given in an Italian restaurant, right?


Not a good start with a calzone which isn’t hot inside. I could touch the melted cheese with my finger and not get uncomfortably hot. Ok, so they fixed it, but why did it happen in the first place?

Very attentive staff ironically until I wanted to pay, but I just walked to counter on way out, so that’s ok.


Desserts pricey and I didn’t bother – besides I’m quite sure there’d be very little to do with Italy even in the Ice cream there.


I would go back, but wish they’d call it “Random Dishes and ok-ish Pizzas” – but maybe that’s what New York Italian cuisine is like.