Gift adornments

So many gifts to wrap and a simple bow is getting a bit boring or maybe it just looks too twee for the size of gift. But what if you have a piece of material, some left over ribbon, pipe cleaner, broken toy, buttons or nothing at all?

Please don’t fret, but enjoy some inspiration right here -

earring as attachement

This adornment is half of a pair of earrings.

attachment inspiration, use what you have

You never know what cheap toys can be broken into.

gift adornments from pipecleaners

Preparing a gift adornment from lots of little left overs and a square gift becomes a bit of fun.

fake flower adornment

A pretty way to get use a fake orchid. From ‘rubbish’ to pretty’ adornment in 20 seconds. NB Watch for the metal inside the stem.

button and paper gift adornment

If all you have is a few buttons, cut some circles from the paper you wrapped in, cut the circles in half, give each of them a bend, glue them together and you’ll have a creative wee flower or two to add to the gift wrap.

paper chain, spiral ribbon

Paper chains and tightly wound man made gift ribbon won’t stay nice on travel, so thee too are better left until after travel

gift wrap not stylish paper and no bow

To use up a naff roll of paper, you add some single coloured paper, fold some ribbons and bows from wrapping paper, and cello tape each bit of paper ribbon on to the parcel, bit by bit as you create them. In this case I’ve also made gift cards and added a couple of bits of ribbon scraps.

metallic gift wrap

Metallic paper can look cold, so how about painting the name on the recipient on a feather and use it as gift tag? Instantly makes the gift more gentle, warm and inviting to look at.


glitter glue, gift adornment, cheerful

You can go all ‘pinata’ on gifts too with a bit of fringe cutting and a few glitter glue spots.

masculine gift, extending paper, gift adornment

Mixing up papers and extending small pieces can make a really colourful and slightly more masculine looking gift. No extra adornment necess