Gift Wrap: No ribbons, not enough paper or masculine gift?

Here’s a few solutions for when you are caught short:
First clear a bit of hard even surface to work on – the size of an A3 sheet should do. Then follow the instructions below to make a gift look lovely and special. If it’s an inexpensive gift that is the worry, all the more reason to pay attention to the gift wrap and make the recipient feel special.

gift wrap w rose

No Ribbons.

Here the gift is placed at an angle on the square of wrapping paper. It makes for a more interesting, textured look on the top of the gift when fully wrapped. I’d keep colours subdued for male recipients. 

Cutting Paper: Make sure the corners can reach a little further than the top centre of the gift. Place the gift on a roll of paper, and pull the corners at the beginning of a roll in place. You need to cut the roll at the same distance on other side of the gift.  

Tips: Placing the gift at an angle, watch you don’t tear the paper by stretching it too hard.  If you have a foil wrapped gift you can benefit from taping the first paper fold directly on to the gift.

Gift Decoration: The rather unsightly centre at right on the top of the gift, is easily and neatly dealt with by adding a decoration. For the flower – cut out 3 circles and cut them in halves. The size of the circle needs to be big enough to hide the centre mess. Above it’s out of black paper, the same kind of paper as the whole gift, making it look planned and “together”. Give each of half circles a tiny fold on the straight side half way, increasing the fold until the 6th is folded enough to cup like seen on the photo above.

The folded half circles are the base for this ribbon-less wrap.

To put it together start with the one most folded for centre, flip side up, tape the next one on to the back of it, turning and attaching every new half circle as an extension of the last. Keep turning around and attach until all 6 ‘petals’ are in place

The centre is a piece of paper cut into a spiral. A button or other similar big items would do the job equally well. Attach with double sided tape or a slightly raised double sticky foam. A button will likely need to be attached with the help of a glue gun.

Another flower topped gift wrap, step by step:


Not Enough Paper.

What if there isn’t quite enough wrap for the size of gift? Get a handful of papers 

together which would look fun and exciting. That is to say: don’t let it all match too well, a few offset colours or textures are always best. Here’s what I did with some left over paper and some scraps of gift wrap from gifts I’ve been lucky enough to receive in my time. 

Cutting paper: The strips to be cut are defined by the gift wrap you’ll need to extend.  Cut 3-5 strips to fit the extended end.  The width of the strips depend on what’s left to cover: If the gap is 10 cm you’ll need at least 10 cm divided by the 3-5 pieces. The best effect is achieved if the strips are folded, so cut it a bit extra wide to provide for the that fold.

How to make the pattern: Fold each of the strips, stick them together with tape at the edges on the front. It won’t show once the gift is wrapped. Turn the strips over and fix centre back too, before eventually fixing the connected strips to the bigger piece for wrapping. Wrap as usual.

Plenty of scraps, box lid, tissue paper, a few strips folded and taped together on the front and then the back – et voila – gift wrap extended to fit around gift and no need for ribbons

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