3 Steps Closer to Your Dream

Have you ever spent a day or an evening quite unable to say what you actually did the day after? Yeah, me to. And it’s ok. But – and there had to be a but, didn’t there? – what if I could offer you a wee trick or three to get a little more out of those days?


Take an images like this: This to me just looks like it’s made for an easy cup of tea, maybe a book, sketching or a chat. Relax, feel warm and enjoy – doesn’t get any better than that. That inspires me to find something like it to enjoy. What’s more – I do!
Here’s how you can start enjoying your days more:

1. What does your dream look like? What images do you hold dear? It’s very helpful – if not essential – to have a clear image of where you are going, if you are to have any reasonable chance of getting there.

“Yeah, but what’s the point? I’m never going to get there.” Ok, so your dream seems so far out of reach it doesn’t make sense to even think about it; but does it not make even less sense to have no idea at all?

Look at it this way: You know you need some new clothes -  sure, you might not get the exact piece you were dreaming of, but the likelihood of getting a great pair of e.g. jeans is far better if you know what your dream pair looks like rather than you wandering aimlessly down the high street thinking “trousers”. You’ll at least get something that resembles your dream if you know what precisely you are looking for.

And what’s more – at times it’s possible to find something even better than you dream!

2. Be aware of what triggers a smile on your lips. Have you smiled today? This week? It’s not always easy to find time to think about things like what actually make you smile, so isn’t it lucky we now have so many ways of getting hold of images that makes us smile? Louise Hay has a DVD and I heard one of her contributors say there’s actually a measurable change in our bodies when we see e.g. a puppy. A measurable change for the better!

3. Collect – and keep to hand – photos that makes you smile. I keep the above photo on my mobile and it never fails to make me smile, and I promise you: I spend a lot more time sitting in the light by a window than I do watching television on the days I’ve looked at it.

Go on – give it a try.

(thank you to the photographer for this stunning image)

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