sofa w stone throw



Does this look familiar?


Have a look at prices and offers below. You’ll find you too – without throwing away old treasures or making big expensive purchases – can have a bright, light and organised sofa corner like the one below.

Green sofa corner

Services are individually tailored to suit, and following a short chat prior to work, kgn design can provide 3 offers for the client to pick from if nothing settled on already.

Most fancy a consultancy visit, providing them with ideas and advice on issues of safety, light, access, colour and furnishing. However, this will leave the actual work for the client, and most realize they need to see some start or inroads made to the home interior from kgn design also. Others want work to get going straight away*. This is about making you smile, so while we move your treasurers about, it’s really about moving you.

Price guide:

*for new client, first visit, first hour                £ 55 first hour
Implementation (not including travel etc.)      £  30 per hour
Consultancy                                                                     £135
Report                                                                                 £175

Interior Organising combined with House Sitting:
Daily rates in addition to the Interior Organising contract and according to going rates.
Foreign contracts Negotiable

Sourcing materials
up to £100           10%
up to £500             5%
up to £2000           2%
over £2000            1%


The Kick Starter Pack – Motivation & Guidance on how to tackle a small task*:
up to 3 hours for £95 - that’s £20 off!

3 More Please – discount for second contract of 3+ rooms:
£20 off each room

Referrals resulting in new clients:
10% off your next purchase


* “A small task” can be creating a simple routine for e.g. handling breakfast, clothes, the hallway, incoming mail or sorting a drawer, a shelf or a cupboard. Consulting on priorities, light, traffic or colours are other options. NB One starter pack per client only.

Please note:

Terms & conditions are signed before work begins, kgn design holds full and valid liability and indemnity insurance, and the clients are requested to have home content cover, accidental damage and pet insurance in the case of combined organising/house sitting contracts.

Each contracts includes: 30 minutes communication via email or telephone. Fees occur after the 30 minutes and are charged in 15 minute increments as consultancy.
Up Front Retainer Fee: 10% of full contract and materials pre-ordered on all contracts, plus full cost of travel/lodging for non-local contracts.
Travel Expenses: Not included. Ticket costs are kept as low as possible with a minimum of transfers. For every hour of travel time incurred, £15 is added to the overall bill within the UK. Worldwide contracts are negotiable. kgn design covers travel insurance.
Materials: Are excluded from the contract but can be sourced to clients’ budget specifications.
Contractors: kgn design does not offer decorating, selling, cleaning service or uplifts but project manage the work of other contractors if authorised and required to do so.
British Holidays: The fee is time and a half.
Of Interior Organising, within 24 hours of contract start, incurs the full fee for the first day and all ticket expenses.
Of Interior Organising combined with House Sitting within 24 hours of contract start, this incurs the full fee for the first day’s Interior Organising, fee for first day’s House Sitting and all ticket expenses.

Still sounding a little scary?

kgn design’s approach is gentle, environmentally sound and an effective way of
saving you time, energy and money.

The focus is on making as few disposals and purchases as possible, and to help you
grow in confidence and sense of style.