Little and often leads to achievements and motivation.

Just no time or energy to get everything to fit into your schedule or space? It quickly becomes a Catch 22 as the busier the lifestyle, the more you need organisation, and the less often you organise and declutter, the less likely you are to master it. Result is getting organised can become intimidating, and the motivation to start quite frankly hard to find.


But if you do it bit by bit and think of the space and peace you’ll gain, you can do it. It’s not an easy shift to make, but here I offer you a few steps to consider:


Styling, lack of time, organising time and space,
  • Define: Take the next couple of days to be mindful of your body. When you are least at ease, take it as a clue as to when and what you need to tackle regarding your organising.
  • Replace: Changes are hard, but knowing what you wish to replace your present routine with can make the shift easier. So next time you are waiting for something – take that moment to think of when you are feeling the most flustered. Now replace that with what you’d like to feel instead and imagine what that looks like too.  Be specific and you’ll find it’ll motivate you to take action.
  • Compatibility: Make sure it’s something which is compatible with those you share your space with. Remember their dreams for your communal space and time are of equal importance. If you don’t include them at this stage, you’ll find they’ll knowingly or unknowingly mess up your big dream.


  • Plan: Remember what you are trying to achieve. Then pick which part of your life you’ll gain the most from organising, i.e. that which annoys you the most at the moment. If it’s space: start with a part of it - either a drawer, a shelf, a small floor space or the top of a unit. Anything which doesn’t go in that space – move it to where it roughly belong, but do not get tempted to start organising there. If it’s time: arrange to have 10-15 minutes daily to quietly divide your dream into small task, and create a schedule helping you to achieve them. “When” is harder than you’d expect, as being overwhelmed you’ll create lots of excuses, but try this: next time you make yourself a drink – bring in to the area where you can work, start on your small defined task, and you’ll see you can do it in the time it takes to enjoy the drink!


  • Focus: Make sure others leave you alone for that time – yes, you are entitled to be left alone for 10-15 minutes in your day and to ask for it, but if it’s too hard you might just have to get up that bit earlier to start with. Having tried and achieved a small task once, you now just need to put these moments of achievements and working toward your dream into your schedule – and who hasn’t got time to focus on that?


  • Motivation: You’ll need a lot of motivation to make a lasting change. Keep visualizing your dream life and plan for short bursts only, as you need to get started first to achieve anything, and to do that, your task must look easy and in no way overwhelming. From small tasks finished quickly, you gain a sense of achievement and with that comes motivation.


  • Confidence: As you do a few small areas, you’ll grow confident in your ability, and with that you get a bit of perspective on what needs to be done regularly.


  • Delegate: With your new found motivation and confidence, areas will emerge which you don’t need to handle personally. So delegate. Yes, you can ask indeed very young children to do their bit, and they’ll be eternally grateful for the great habits you are installing them…… will their future partner and flatmates.


  • When in doubt: Go back to your dream. Compare it to status quo……yeah – it’s very much worth keeping at it, isn’t it? An alternative is to getting it all done in one go with a helping hand, so the task you are faced with is “keeping up” rather than “building it up”. If that’s you – call 07900 68 31 64 for kgn design.