I’m not a big fan of filling a container and starting over when clients say: I want minimalist! While most do want less and love the idea of minimalist – going overboard just leaves a sense of emotional jet-lag, and a need to go back to old routines for comfort.

Gaudi, minimalist, organised, kgn design

Beautiful detail at Gaudi’s Batllo – full of movement and soul – is just one kind of “Minimalist”


Instead, if you want minimalist, start by making mood boards to define your level and specific definition of minimalism. Asking a professional to offer expert advice, finished mood board etc. can make the journey much more enjoyable, save you time and money, e.g. making great use the treasurers already in your position.

As you work the mood board and search for your dream¬†describing yourself, your things and everyone using the space – listen carefully to the words you use, the excited tone of voice or lack of same. It’ll give you great insight, and armed with the knowledge of where you are going and what excites you, you will be able to achieve order with focus and some speed.


These are your next few steps:

- sort like-with-like,
- zone everything logically in the space,
- organise and style to point in the desired direction,
- build on that.


That’s what you planned anyway, right? No going in, tearing everything out in a few moments and drowning in the process, right?

I wish you happy and enjoyable work here from a sunny Edinburgh, Scotland.

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