Name It & Tame It

Woke up, stuck my nose outside to check the weather, brought some herbs in….Hang on – it’s a day off. I’ve got time for coffee, toast and reading in bed! 

There’s the latest Grand Designs magazine and a couple of other glossies I fancy browsing through. Hmm which one to start with? You might have gathered I love happy and inspirational homes, so Grand Designs it is – I’ll get through them and still get out of here in time to meet friends for lunch…….

I knew it! I should have started with the glossies and left Grand Designs ‘till last! How on earth did I think I could get past Kevin McCloud’s column without being inspired to do something rather than lounging here on my 2×2 slice of Egyptian heaven?

A cloud is just a cloud until you discover the subtleties” – thanks…. I’ve had an idea to paint an old tray with a summer’s sky of clouds for my breakfasts for a long time. Never seem to quite reach the top of my priority list, and today it’s not there either.


Ah well – I love inspirational people and Kevin is one of the best, so all quickly forgiven – reading on…..two lines later: “Name it and tame it is the name of the game.” Ok, I give up – just too perfect a title for a paragraph on getting to grips with overwhelming to do list -

so here goes:

You can’t fall asleep as there’s a multitude of thoughts and tasks fighting for your attention. At this time of day, night (or even early morning?) you can’t be expected to clearly define what’s what, but somehow you just can’t stop trying.

Soon you start counting how few hours of sleep you potentially have left climbing this Jacob’s ladder list of thoughts – and it’s a ladder bringing you straight to hell.

And it’s not the first time either.

Name It & Tame It

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to “Tame It”?

You can.

If you “Name It”.

Name what your true and ultimate dream life looks like and define in a few chosen words where you are at just now. “Destination” and “present location”; just as with a gps system a fairly direct route appear and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

No? Not buying it? I know – the impression is it’s so simple that surely you would have found the solution yourself by now? ….Except you hadn’t. Yet.

It’s not that you didn’t have the skills or knowledge until now – to stay with the map app travelling imagery – your life was just going too fast for you to be able to focus on and read any signs, giving you your present location, decide on any direction or destination. And not only that: you had long since lost a handle on what luggage you were carrying.

Define dream destination and divide your trip to the goal into manageable bites.

Pack your working space with what’s needed.

Go to it.



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