Napkins For Everyday Use

If the word ‘napkin’ brings on the vision of stiff white cotton, piles of washing and ironing – think again.

Making a big blanket square bigger - and in cotton - you'll have a napkin!

Making a big blanket square bigger – and in cotton – you’ll have a napkin!

Crochet a few squares from your balls of cotton, place the napkins in a tray from a gift of smellies (I bet you got some last Christmas, right?), and you have a bright and enjoyable box of napkins.

Making the napkins in bright colours, you can wash with your jeans and never need to iron. Just dry and fold.  So pretty they can even be left out for visitors to grab their own or be used as plate dividers.

These are my own and I’ve had them for over 10 years, and have brightened up picnics, brunches, buffets and many a dinner.

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