National Motivation Day

was Sunday 1st July - let’s make it again today!

Love in a photo. Everybody go Ahhhh

Is there anything you can change today to make you life just a little bit more like the life you dream of? A bit more “get up and go”? Maybe just smiling a bit more?

Wee changes that can make you feel uplifted and motivated present themselves now and again. We have all felt motivated when visitors are coming, it’s time for certain celebrations or a change of personal circumstances (relationships, work, training, economy, loss) happen.  Amazing how much we can get done then – and in no time at all!

Many of us hope for minor miracle to help us out without us having to change a thing: more time, energy, space and money…or that cohabitants will change. But when there’s no change, time or money wise nor in those with whom you share your home, and when a new home also hasn’t been found and energy is running low, that’s when reality hits and it’s time to take charge. That’s when to call in the professionals.

Preparation: What to do to get going? 

Get a smile on your face lifts any situation, so sometimes I ask for my clients’ dreams to be clarified. Dreams should make you smile or you need to dream bigger. Other times I ask clients about habits which needs to be changed, and habits which would be lovely to have. Either way it’s important to get clients on board with their dreams, content and actions, and what is and isn’t working for them.

I’ll ask the client to choose an image which makes them feel good. It helps to give them an idea of what makes them smile and what they dream of tout de suite. Having refreshed their minds regarding what look they are seeking to accomplish with their home, it’s much easier to decide if an item to sort is helping or hindering them achieving something to smile about.

Words: Watch your mouth!

It’s possible to increase the client’s feeling about themselves by keeping the emphasis on the items of quality they do have and remind the client that’s the kind of items they truly deserve.  Minding the words used to describe surroundings, people and relationships, keeping them light, proactive and happy really make a world of difference.

We all have potential for growth and when someone confirms that to us in positive terms – it’s powerful. And I promise you – seeing a person grow literally before your eyes due to support you have extended is an absolute joy, so watch what you say – including to yourself!

Action: Small and familiar tasks.

Perform small tasks and break them down into familiar and memorable steps. This provides quick and frequent achievements, which in turn motivates and keeps organizing from becoming overwhelming. Keeping it simple also makes it easier for new habits to form in the brain.

Sort by performing 1 of 3 tasks: “inbox”, “file” and “out of house”. Inbox: items needed to be handled within a few days. File: items which belong elsewhere. Out of house: anything which can be sold, belongs to others, can be given to charity or thrown out.

Follow up: Habits take a long time to form.

Habits are not changed overnight and the moment even slight stress occur the brain reverts to old ways, so I do go back to some clients to remind them of how wonderfully they have done, how great they are doing, how much fun it is and that they are worthy of every bit of beauty they create.

I’m also hired back to help with interior design upgrades once clients have settled on the best status quo, and then become ready to move further toward their dream.

The results:

Amazing. It’s unbelievable how energized, free, healthy, open, creative, better rested, etc. etc. people feel when they can see all their treasures, easily find items they need and pay proper respect to items of historic value to them. It’s almost like clients need to see that around them, for them to see themselves as treasures, in control and requiring respect.

So what are you waiting for? It’s only life and , so might as well be in the driving seat!

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