Nice treats

I’m not a good baker or chocolate handler, but love having fun making my own tasty treats, so here’s some home made treats made in time for visitors:

I got some high percentage marzipan – i.e. 60% of almonds or above – and fancied being creative with it. Surely I had some liqueur or something I could use, and I did!

Out came the bits and pieces – dates, glazed cherries, Ron Miel, some cherry liqueur, dark chocolate, a half of a lollipop cake silicon mould (or similar) and a food processor (but you can chop finely and mix manually too). 

marzipan, chocolate treats, home made, quick

The silicon mould is from lollipop cakes.

Sort the chocolate first – I melted 1 and 1/2 bar of chocolate, bit by bit 20 seconds at a time in the microwave does it, but stop before it’s all melted and let the last couple of chunks melt in the heat of what’s already melted.

marzipan, chocolate, goodies

It’s possible to make these casings much more perfect indeed, but my guests loved them all the same.

Fill in the mould over a couple of times, so you have a fairly strong cup. As you can see….I haven’t quite mastered it, but you can have a little melted chocolate handy to fix the cup or side if you break it getting it out of the mould.


The content is so easy to make and so quick to mix. You need 200g marzipan, 4 teaspoon liqueur and 50g fruit to fill the lollipop mould of 20 pieces.

Mix 1: 25 glazed cherries and and a couple of teaspoonful of cherry liqueur with 100g marzipan (way above the 25% almonds you usually get or it’ll just be sweet). Watch out for the liqueur, as too much and the mix becomes too wet to eat and handle.

Mix 2: 25 dried dates, 2 teaspoonful Ron Miel and 100g marzipan.

Fill the mix in the cups – if you have various shapes like here, choose simple shapes for one flavour and stars, hearts, trees etc of another. That way you’ll still know the difference if the topping has fallen off one of them. This is particularly a good tip if you’ve left out the alcohol in one of the mixes. Remember marzipan is made from almonds and sugar and you should be aware if you have people with nut allergies wanting to taste.

decorating chocolate cake.

Using a shop bought icing circle and a couple of tools – one like a clock wheel and another like a cone – it’s possible to achieve quite a lot.
The heart shaped cakes and the leaves on top required more icing.

If you need cake also, I’d put a cake in a heart-shaped mould and decorate it as if it’s a Christmas cake or whatever fits the event.

Just use a recipe you are familiar with and replace the heart-shaped mould for your your usual tin. If the recipe originally demands one of those high sided moulds or tins, you can always build up the heart-shaped mould with some triple folded foil, buttered and floured like the rest of the mould.

Here there was still a bit of extra cake mix, so I filled a couple of smaller heart-shaped moulds with the cake mix into the oven too. I kind of like the added effect, don’t you?