Making The Old Look New & Using Items To Guide Movement.

Sometimes there are items you have inherited -or just love- but are looking a little less than fashionable. It might be from the 80s or even last century.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make it fit your 21st century home. You might even place it to help people find their way around the home!

Making The Old Look New:

Dark varnished wood in the way grandma used to have it, maybe leather is a bit too worn like you will see on some sites for ‘pre-loved’ furniture- it’s time to get sanding and re-upholstering! This chair got a bit of my loving (and a whole of lot of effort from a friend), I measured the seat and simply picked up table runner material in IKEA and got my staple gun out. It’s lasted for years!

NB make sure you have the measurements including folding under and folding edges. If you choose a patterned material, make sure the pattern run is the same on each seat – it just makes it look much more professional.Doing up an old chair with sanding and upholstering


plates from the 70s and 80s picasa


A client loves the Danish Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates and she had hung them in a corner of her living room. Most hang them up along the ceiling and when that was full they’d hang them just like she had done here.

The trouble is she’s tired of it and wanted a change, but really didn’t want to let go of the plates.


plates hung in a new way picasa





But how about this? A little more interesting even if it’s only just flung up to show client before the painter came in.



Using Items To Guide Movement:

The home where the plates hung, is a villa shared by a family, with a home on each floor, and it meant having only an internal door for a front door.

Exit psychologicall closed picasa

Entrance before picasa








Once inside that made it hard to figure out, which door was the exit – especially when furniture (here a chest) had crept up close and blocking  giving clues to NOT use that specific door.

Entrance with guidance after picasa


With the chest finding a home in the bedroom and the Royal Copenhagen plates needing a new home, it all came together: No block and see how the plates now almost acts like an arrow to the door, should anyone still be in doubt.

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