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Whether the invite is for something to eat, drink, or a maybe a film or games night – It doesn’t need to be a massive exercise to have it be a success. Sure – it requires the right mix of people, but all the rest you can plan for.

First of all: envisage the event. Make a ‘Shopping/To Do’ list of what is needed to achieve that vision, and split the tasks over a few weeks if possible.

If you imagine wine, crackers, flowers, cheese, a hair cut, an outfit – whatever – you can see some of those tasks can easily be added to your usual routine! You just have to be aware of the exact tasks/purchases needed, jig it about and make it fit into your usual routine. You’ll get there.

How To Make The List:

Never mind what order the ideas come to you – just make a few headings to keep the To-Do-List organised from the beginning. These headings will help you:  ’Way Before’, ‘Before’, ‘On The Day’ and ‘During’. Write tasks down as ‘to do’ as early as possible, as the more you have sorted ‘Way Before’, the more restful and composed a host you’ll be. 

When you put down the items you want to see at the event sub-headings such as ’me’, ‘starters’, ‘decorations’, ‘entertainment’, ‘drinks’, ‘meats’, ‘vegetables’, ‘dessert’ etc. can be helpful.

It really needn’t be tricky or scary
- but there are a few things to be aware of:

Flowers can disappoint when it comes to how long they stay beautiful. I love having time to make a fun flower arrangement, relaxed and in advance, but I tend to mix supermarket purchases with more unique flowers, and you just can’t be sure they’ll be nice for more than a couple of days. Keep an eye out for a blog on flower arranging do’s and don’ts.

If you don’t like flowers or fancy adding them to the shopping list for cost reasons (they really don’t have to be expensive), it is possible to decorate with a couple of candles in interesting candle holders, some colourful fruit, some ivy from outside or even just a few bows on napkins or water jugs will do.

Arranging an event doesn't need to be stressful - spread it out and smell the flowers.

Arranging an event doesn’t need to be stressful – spread it out and smell the flowers.

Watch out for offers: 

a 2-4-1 and the good old BOGOFs are tempting, but you need to be able to store the offers, keeping them safe and healthy. Make sure there is room in the freezer and fridge, before you get too excited, and buy what you can’t store. It’s not a big task checking your storage space, and you can do it while you check out what items you have already, and don’t need to buy anyhow.

Hosting alone: 

If you are hosting an event alone, grab a guest to help you listen out for the doorbell and serve welcome drinks. That way it’s possible to make sure your guests are not waiting too long to be let in, and are well stocked up on drinks while you can attend to your cooking without becoming the worst of hosts: The Martyr Host!

Another guest might help you with snacks or the bread and butter. Just ask – most like to be made useful, and for a free meal it’s not a lot to ask, right?

Congratulations! You now have all you need to be able to host an event without stress – now go enjoy a nice wee time with some nice people! 


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