By calling +44 7900 68 31 64 clients worldwide have been able to regain pride, control and joy in their home again.


Kirsten helping Fiona on her way to creating a toddlers room from a spare room

Kirsten helping Fiona on her way to creating a toddlers room from a spare room.

Getting over overwhelm: kgn design on STV’s – Too Good to Waste.

In a 5-minute video kgn design offered advice to an expectant mother with a toddler. It dealt with safety issues and overcoming disorganisation by breaking the task down to avoid being overwhelmed. Kirsten also explained that it’s worth putting things away neatly in the first place, making it possible for you to see what has served its purpose and what can be removed.



Children’s room: Toby’s room got a bigger, brighter room.

When your child starts school, there’s an awful lot going on; when they reach their teens, it just gets even harder to deal with all that’s happening, not just around them, but also to them.

That’s why it’s all the more important to get your little darling away from the computer games at an early age to teach them to organise their room, so it’s second nature as they grow up and face increasingly more challenges. (watch 1 min 35 sec slideshow on kgn design youtube channel by clicking on photo.)



Finding tenants: Presenting a room to rent.

Calmly and without extensive purchases kgn design comes to the rescue, when photos and advertising hasn’t resulted in any tenants for more than 10 weeks. See what investing 5 hours in your home can do. More…


Updating: Making old look new & using items as clues

kgn design adapts old treasures to fit in with current trends and uses content to offer guidance in the home. Here the 70s trend of collecting plates came were hung as a virtual arrow guiding the visitor to find the exit. More…..



Kirsten G Nielsen has organised worldwide – are you that point lost at sea or are you going to be the next to experience the kgn design organising and styling magic?

NB It is estimated that redecorating a room adds at least 2.6% to the value of your house – and your profit!

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