Selling, Selling, Sold!

Selling, but not enough viewers or even just one viewer?

Please consider how long it takes for you to make a judgement on what you see. When there are many to pick from, you take less time still, right? Same goes for everyone else. It is indeed quick to drive by your property, or flick from one image to another on a tablet or phone.

Check that
- the photos of the property are of inspirational and aspirational spaces: not empty, too full or too personal;
- the most interesting/biggest aspects aren’t too personal or jarring to the average viewer;
- your front garden and the front of the property looks like it’s in good repair as a minimum;
- you consider who’s likely to buy the home in this specific neighbourhood, and you cater to them – not you.
- Keep improvements at a cost allowing for the sales price to remain within the price of homes in the area of same size and likely buyers.
- The sales fact sheet offer the truth;
- your sales sign is up, and visible from the end of the street.

Once the potential buyer is inside

It's a lot of work and it can feel like the walls are coming in on you - but remember the blue sky at the end of it.

It’s a lot of work, but letting your home shine will leave you with blue sky at the end of it.

- “higglety pigglety” is not the layout people buy into; interior most make sense, and flow.
- buyers don’t buy your bulky furniture, but space (beds bigger than 1/3 and sofas bigger than 1/6 of the living area they are in, makes a place feel cramped);
- watch you don’t have too many walls covered with fresco/foam/embossed patterns. It spells “work and expense” to the buyer;
- “clean” doesn’t smell;
- paintings and photos are hung for the average person to enjoy 5-6 feet up from the ground.

and most importantly:
- if you are worried buyers spot this or that, you’ve not done enough!
- you need to beat near by competitors on every level!

Still not sure? Call for assistance today – 07900 68 31 64, kgn design.

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