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Whether you are a reader or not, there will be something written that can grab you enough to inspire you. If only you find the time and inclination to seek it out and read it!

It’s amazing where you can find reading material – and in so many formats! I’ve put on a book in cassette format while the dishes got done; I’ve learned Italian on my mobile phone, read a paper, a book, prepared for meetings and done research on the bus/train/plain in the streets/on the platform and at the terminal. I’ve also nodded off in my preferred reading chair with a tome in my lap….still not got one of those reading screen gadgets, as I prefer to buy books from whomever I like.

“But how do you find the time if you’re not as traveled as you are?” When the urge to read is bigger than the urge not to read. It’s that simple.

I really don’t like letting anyone down, so it helps to decide on a date to chat about the book. Find your urges and use them in your favour – it’s amazing what you can enjoy with that bit of awareness of what makes you tick. 

Having met a fascinating woman who has written a book with another fascinating woman about a fascinating life – I just want to read that book. Can you imagine how much inspiration there could be in that book? It’s “Trading Places” by Natalie Hutchison & Mary Turner Thomson.

It’s the story about Natalie Hutchison who went from abuse to success. To find out more I found a random paragraph early on in the book and again late in the book:

“Everyone would be better off if I was just dead and out of the way. My parents would be happier if I wasn’t around, Paul would not hate me for leaving him if I was dead, and my heartache would go away.” page 11. And page 149: “Just months ago I had been on the verge of collapse and now it had all turned around. Suddenly I didn’t feel like a nobody any more.”

If you are anything like me, maybe you want to read this book and maybe accept my promissory note as I’d accept yours to do so by a date in say 4 weeks? Why don’t you suggest a date in the comment box? First come first serve. The more the merrier. 

You enjoy your books much more when you can actually see them all.Go on – we can read 179 pages in 4 weeks, discuss it commenting here – or whatever the group is able to and want to do. Maybe even receive comments from the authors!

I bet you have a list of books you’d like to read also and we could read those after.

Inspirational books – here we come!

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  1. How about meeting up at Costa Coffee at Cameron Toll? Free parking and good coffee?
    It depends how many we are.

  2. Kirsten says:

    So Thursday the 13th at 13:30 it is – now where will we meet? xx

  3. Hello Ladies,

    We were just too busy yesterday, so we are still able to meet up and chat about the book at another date :)


  4. Mónica says:

    Hello girls!

    I hope you are all having a wonderful summer wherever you are :) Kirsten, thanks for creating this! I read almost the whole book on the plane back to Spain (the guy sitting next to me wasn’t very happy that I was so uncommunicative but I didn’t manage to take a break as interesting as it was!). I’d love to hear all your thoughts and inspirations but I won’t be in Edinburgh until after the 16th so please do add them to the blog so that I don’t miss them!

    Have a great meeting and a glass of wine for me ;) I’ll try to send you some sunshine to make the day even better!

    See you all in the next session,

  5. Kirsten says:

    LOL good point. How about Thursday August 2nd? It’ll give us over 5 weeks from today to read the book and still the fringe has potentially not quite yet managed to turn Edinburgh up side down and in side out…..yet if you come in from out of town you could still catch a show after. Here’s a link to comedy shows early on in the fringe*%3A*&fq=dates%3A%5B2012-08-02T06%3A00%3A00Z%20TO%202012-08-04T06%3A00%3A00Z%5D&fq=category%3AComedy

    I’m thinking Hotel du Vin at Bristo Place – perpendicular to Lauriston Place and an extension to George the IV bridge. But that’s just an idea. Much going on in the Grassmarket also and I suspect the Beehive would house us somewhere too…..whatever takes our fancy.

  6. Helen says:

    Great idea. I think it would be good to comment here but I also like the personal touch so lets make a date and everyone who can make it, will be there, and for those that can’t, we can all discuss what they commented here. Can I suggest beginning of August? Location? A nice place to chat over a glass of wine, although judging by the hilarity on Thursday at the last Women Mean Business get together, I think we should choose somewhere where they can handle a little noise if that’s what we are capable of with just coffee…. x

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