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Display & Enjoy!

Display, enjoy using your sunday best Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

One enjoyable, and easy way to create more space, is simply to use and display your most treasured items all the time. That way you can get rid of some of the less ‘on style’ mugs, chipped pieces and stained cutlery you used to use, but now no longer need.

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Happiness in organised and styled interiors.

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

‘I kind of like being a bit messy’, ‘I know where everything is or certainly in which bundle’. These are the kind of sentences I hear from two groups of people: the ones who are sure they’ll get organised by themselves – just not yet….; and the partner or child of the person who called for [...]

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National Motivation Day

motivation Smell the roses Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

was Sunday 1st July - let’s make it again today! Is there anything you can change today to make you life just a little bit more like the life you dream of? A bit more “get up and go”? Maybe just smiling a bit more? Wee changes that can make you feel uplifted and motivated present [...]

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3 Steps Closer to Your Dream

Have you ever spent a day or an evening quite unable to say what you actually did the day after? Yeah, me to. And it’s ok. But – and there had to be a but, didn’t there? – what if I could offer you a wee trick or three to get a little more out [...]

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