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Organised for writing


Stop judging and enjoy! Writing for business. So you have this idea: you would like to make money from your passion and to help others while achieving your dream. You might even have had a few happy clients, have set up a website and social media….but it’s stagnated and gathering dust…maybe even in grave danger [...]

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5 Coping Strategies for Cold & Dark Days

Coping with stress day in bed

It’s a long dark winter without you having stocked up on sun this summer. Fear not -here’s what you can do: 1. Think colour when you eat, dress, write (pen and paper, virtual or actual. 2. Make a date in the near future with a friend to do something fun & creative. 3. Eat your [...]

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Display & Enjoy!

Display, enjoy using your sunday best Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

One enjoyable, and easy way to create more space, is simply to use and display your most treasured items all the time. That way you can get rid of some of the less ‘on style’ mugs, chipped pieces and stained cutlery you used to use, but now no longer need.

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