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Resolutions – pleasure or pain?

What's needed for you to achieve results?

‘New Year, New You’ and all that. Happens every year – beating ourselves up, followed by resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. We do it again and again though somehow few of the resolutions actually bring forth that splendid new, revised version of us. December’s a busy, stressful and an expensive month, January, the darkest and coldest month [...]

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‘Too busy’ fixed in 5 easy steps

      If you wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour – maybe this isn’t for you. If you are ready to slow down and smell the roses, here’s 5 easy steps to help you do just that.       Stop.   Yes, that means putting down what you are doing, turning off what’s [...]

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National Motivation Day

motivation Smell the roses Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

was Sunday 1st July - let’s make it again today! Is there anything you can change today to make you life just a little bit more like the life you dream of? A bit more “get up and go”? Maybe just smiling a bit more? Wee changes that can make you feel uplifted and motivated present [...]

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