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I’m not a big fan of filling a container and starting over when clients say: I want minimalist! While most do want less and love the idea of minimalist – going overboard just leaves a sense of emotional jet-lag, and a need to go back to old routines for comfort.   Instead, if you want [...]

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Organised – when the inevitable happens

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Having spoken to people having suffered loss, worked with clients left behind and thought about own experiences – these are some of the subject well worth considering:   Before the inevitable     If you feel you know something ‘in your bones’ – act on it. If not it could be too late. Spare those [...]

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Party & Visitors

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Whether the invite is for something to eat, drink, or a maybe a film or games night – It doesn’t need to be a massive exercise to have it be a success. Sure – it requires the right mix of people, but all the rest you can plan for. First of all: envisage the event. [...]

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