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‘Too busy’ fixed in 5 easy steps

      If you wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour – maybe this isn’t for you. If you are ready to slow down and smell the roses, here’s 5 easy steps to help you do just that.       Stop.   Yes, that means putting down what you are doing, turning off what’s [...]

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National Motivation Day

motivation Smell the roses Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

was Sunday 1st July - let’s make it again today! Is there anything you can change today to make you life just a little bit more like the life you dream of? A bit more “get up and go”? Maybe just smiling a bit more? Wee changes that can make you feel uplifted and motivated present [...]

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Name It & Tame It

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh

Woke up, stuck my nose outside to check the weather, brought some herbs in….Hang on – it’s a day off. I’ve got time for coffee, toast and reading in bed!  There’s the latest Grand Designs magazine and a couple of other glossies I fancy browsing through. Hmm which one to start with? You might have [...]

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