What the clients say

“Not only has Kirsten transformed my son’s bedroom from a hellhole to a haven,
she has also had an effect on his behaviour. He loves his ‘new’ room so much,
he is spending far more time in it, playing with his traditional toys
and less time on the computer – what a result! Thanks, Kirsten”  Jill Boulton, Edinburgh

“Thank you for taking window displays to a higher level. We will miss you & take all your suggestions on, so your input will have a long, lasting effect!”
Jean Wood, Oxfam, Mornngside, Edinburgh

specialist in small spaces Interior Organising, Decluttering & Staging Edinburgh
“One of her special talents for sure is meeting different people with such positivity. She would often organize small details in advance of a meeting, making sure that the event became a success and very often she succeeded in calming down heated debates with her female nature.”
Walter Frauenknect, Boardmember of the Swiss car recycling association and EGARA

“Kirsten did an amazing job. By re-organising my office, she created space that she used in a very efficient way, to make my working life easier and more productive.
Immediately Kirsten saw the office space in my spare bedroom, she started to make suggestions that transformed the space. Her ideas were simple and cost-effective – she only used the resources I had, and still made a big difference to how I can use the space.
I would thoroughly recommend kgndesign – Kirsten spent about 3.5 hours in my office, and the difference she has made in increasing the space, and then using it to create an efficient work space in my spare bedroom is amazing.” Brenda Kay, Dunblane

‘Having lived in my flat for ten years, I knew it was time to have a review.
I asked Kirsten to help me to rethink the layout of my flat and to
help with affordable tips and suggestions. It was such a relief that
Kirsten did not tell me off for the piles of magazines and lack of dusting!
She sees positive changes and helped bring order to my mess by
implementing simple techniques such as moving items to their
rightful place and breaking mountains down into molehills.
Both major and minor changes have breathed life and calm into all my rooms.
I really enjoyed the experience and did not feel overwhelmed
in the least. I am now so pleased and invigorated by the process that
I want to keep tidying up using Kirsten’s tips so I can show off my
revitalised flat. Worth every penny! Thank you, Kirsten’ Sally McPhail, Edinburgh

“Yesterday I was very apprehensive about the whole thing but today we have an office space and a dining area!  And you probably saved my marriage!” Mr E Morrison, Glasgow

“Kirsten G Nielsen provided assistance to progress the debates to a positive conclusion. Her ear for languages and her integrity were often instrumental in achieving this”
Marc van den Brand, previous Chairman of the European association of Car recyclers, EGARA 

“We have used kgn design when we have been away and it has made our return from holiday great. kgn design is really good at using what we already have yet make our home feel more spacious, fresh and new. We save lots of time and money now we know where everything is.”
Mr & Mrs Glover, Dunbar

“You’ve revolutionized our living space!“ Cinzia Conti, Lake Como, Italy

“When looking for Lodgers, kgn design helped tremendously with getting the flat organised and looking great for viewings. It was great to have that expert eye have a look over things!” Mr Alan Chapman, Barnton

“Thank you for the wonderful job on my bedroom. I hope you’ll advise me again in the near future”  Reiko K. Inder, Edinburgh

“I had been putting off organising my bedroom, which has to double as a bedroom/dressing room and also a place to work on my laptop, with access to files and paperwork. I’d gone so far, but I never felt comfortable working in the room and it never felt like a comfortable bedroom either. Anyway, Kirsten takes a look around the room and almost immediately starts to work her magic- suggesting furniture moves and regigging of files, boxes etc. I suggested I might need to go out and buy various new storage items and she shows me that I have everything I need all ready. It was so exciting, after only a couple of hours, to have a room that was now both a restful bedroom and also an organised place I could work in too. I do have a bit of filing still to do, but haven’t had to buy anything extra – my perfect room was there all along, I just needed Kirsten to find it for me. Now that’s what I call value for money!” Gail Neckel, Edinburgh

Bathroom organised, styling, staging, Edinburgh

“You are a life saver! Mrs Elaine Miller, Edinburgh

“The boys’ room was in need of a good clear out and upgrade to suit their ages.
For us it was great to not sit through it all, so we got kgn design’s combined services of
Interior Organising and House Sitting.” 
Mrs Ulla Dormer, Gardenacre Therapy, Balerno

“The personal abilities of Kirsten are plentyful and have proved very useful in her job. Her natural sense of order has been very useful to us…likewise she has systematically called Scottish and Danish companies for research purposes, where ability to quickly comprehend and relate are qualities absolutely vital to do a good job. She has those skills and has over the years done some remarkable good research for us and consequently our clients. She will carry out a task until it has been completed to your and her own satisfaction. Kirsten is a very independent, practical and completely trustworthy employee.”
Varny Laursen, Danish Trade Commissioner to Scotland

“Kirsten has always done her job to ours and our clients complete satisfaction, and we can only offer Kirsten the best recommendations. We have have got to know Kirsten as a positive, creative, extrovert and reliable colleague, who’s never afraid to work extra hard, when ever and whereever necessary.”
Klaus Reimer, HR Consultant with Manpower A/S, Copenhagen

3 Responses so far.

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    My sincerest apologies for the delay in replying to you. Excuses are no good, but by way of explanation – your message only appeared today. I’m seeking technical support.

    That aside – it’s really good to hear from you. You’ve come to the right place if you were looking for some good news:
    -everything is possible with the right planning
    -there’s no reason anyone should be struggling with their home,
    -there’s no reason we can’t find a solution for you too,
    -I speak a little German.

    If you could let me have your email address – maybe by emailing me at info@kgndesign.com – I’ll write you directly with some thoughts and suggestions. Together we can stop your husband from being driven crazy, and get you on the road to organized for sure.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    kgn design
    +44 7900 68 31 64
    skype name: kgndanish

  2. Rebecca says:

    Do you ever work in Berlin Germany? I saw on your website that you may travel if housesitting is included but I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. We have a 145 sq meter home in lovely neighborhood right in center of Berlin. I am at a loss as to how to organize it and it is driving my husband crazy. Mainly I need help with mail-bills clutter, book clutter (this covers our livingroom, office and my art studio), clothes in our bedroom and toys and clothes in my son’s room. We don’t have a fortune to spend, I was hoping I could combine it with free use of the house as part of the payment as we travel quite a bit and so it is empty and in a desirable area. Is this something you would be interested in or do you know of a colleague who might be interested, or any affiliates in Germany? I haven’t found any professional organizers here but my german language skills are very bad.

  3. sue freshwater says:

    I wish I had known of your business before I sold my flat, Kirsten. An estate agent persuaded me to put in a new bathroom and do other changes which cost £5000. When it was finished the summer was over and the market was not so good for the seller. I could probably have sold in June and made my profit without all the recommended alterations. Just a good presentation, which I am sure you would have achieved quite easily!

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