Tips for Trips – Photography on Holiday

Get up Early

I’ve been on many trips and taken many photos, but the single most outstanding experience (if not photographic talent expressed….) was a morning walk with my travel companion – yes, it was early in the morning and the night portier probably thought we were thieves trying to break in, when we were in fact tourists trying to get out before sun rise…..but it was worth it!


Which one is more interesting – going out at 05:45 or coming home about a couple of hours later?




How about this one?



Down the wee narrow lanes of Isola San Pietro –  behind those shutters…are the present day Romeo and Juliet just about to wake up arm in arm?          

Wandering around where the locals live,
hearing a single speedboat engine – is it the first Signor off to work Venetian style?                  


Even as the sun was nearly up over the many red roof tops and a strand of my hair obstructs the lens I really like this one: the clock forever reminding my friend and me about that morning in Venice where we were retured to our hotel with fresh bread in our bag from a local baker …. bought at 07:10.

The light lends itself to a lot of enticing images even – when as here – you just venture out with your mobile phone camera. Try it – I promise you the day will feel completely differently to anything you’ve experienced before.

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