‘Too busy’ fixed in 5 easy steps

A flower on your bicycles' basket brings a smile to your face.....if you noticed....

A flower on your bicycles’ basket brings a smile to your face…..if you noticed….




If you wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour – maybe this isn’t for you.

If you are ready to slow down and smell the roses, here’s 5 easy steps to help you do just that.




  1. Stop.   Yes, that means putting down what you are doing, turning off what’s glaring at you or making any noise. Try to breathe deeply a couple of times before asking what you really truly need to do before the day is over? Happily you’ll find it’s not the 57 items you have on your mental list just this moment. Smile and breathe deeply a couple of times more.
  2. Set deadlines for tasks. To focus on the one or two essential task today, it’s helpful to let go of all the rest for the time being. Do this by putting future tasks in your calendar, giving yourself realistic and necessary deadlines. It’s a helpful because that way you are spreading out the proverbial mountain you had created, and are turning it into a set of more manageable molehills.
  3. Define today’s task. What is the end goal? Is it realistic for the time you have here and now? Or do you need to split it up into more manageable bites? If you are to sort your wardrobe, a dinner party for the weekend, some items for a fete etc. – these can all easily be split into small tasks.  The benefit of being relaxed and focused on doing one thing at a time, is you’ll do the task well in one go, in no time at all, and feel so much better.
  4. Finish the first defined ‘task-ling’. It really should be a tiny wee task to begin with, so you can be sure to finish it without disruption. The motivation you’ll feel from having done what you set out to do, is quite a lot bigger than you think. Well done you!
  5. Realize it’s ok to not do everything. When people ask for help or a task is needing done, remember not every task in this world needs to be done to your exacting standards or by yourself; your friends, the people in your home and at work can help. If you let them or ask them, even very young children will step up to the mark – simply because we all like to feel useful and needed by the people we love.

Now get up, stretch, do a wee dance and go to point 1. I wish you the very best of days.

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