Winter Mornings – Weather Ready?

There are ways to not be as lost, as many appear, to be the moment the ground turns white:


Check the weather the night before. Consider going to bed early so you can get up an hour earlier, making sure you get to work, have time to change and sort your make-up before hitting your work on time.


When you are outside, keeping dry helps you keep warm and able to carry on. You might want to consider bringing a change of clothes for work and something for the hair to combat hat-hair. You might wish to leave a pair of shoes at work, as the boots for the outside can become uncomfortably warm once inside.


Layer up. You can’t be sure you won’t tumble etc. so wearing a few layers underneath gives you a chance to stay dry for longer. Also consider bringing a thermos – you can lay your hands on some really fun ones. 


Whether you are travelling on foot, bicycle, by car, bus or train, you need to make progress, and to do that you need traction. Getting up an hour early will help you, especially when you are dependent on others i.e. road clearing and public transport.

If you are just walking tripling your walking time and you should be fine with some decent foot wear. Bottom line: watch or listen to weather reports, have a look outside, if you know of any friends or neighbours going to work before you, ask them for advice, and dress accordingly! If you are in your car, you do need to pack ‘a shovel, some sand, an old potato sack or a twig of pine – all great for creating traction if you’ve lost grip and gone off the road if you have forgot to put on winter tires or chains.


If you are going by car, bus or train, it’s well worth considering that hot thermos or at least something to drink, but also some serial bar, chocolate, fruit and material to wrap around the more exposed body parts like your legs and neck. That can be a massive scarf or one that unfolds into a couple of thin layers. Obviously in the car a sleeping bag will do, and you could also bring one on the bus or train also, as never mind might needing it on delayed travel – you could benefit from having it around your legs in a cold office.

You might also want to bring ‘provisions’ for the car in terms of petrol (sitting with the motor running will drink up a few drops), and something to cover the car if you have to leave it behind.

Here are two links covering a lot of very good points for the car., the other you get by clicking on the photo.

Boot, ski, bike, sledge, car - all kinds of tracks visible here and people getting to where they want to go.

Boot, ski, bike, sledge, car – all kinds of tracks visible here and people getting to where they want to go.

With the winter a triple dip recession is looming – but maybe we can all do our best to prevent it by being prepared and get to work. Yes, I’m Danish, but I’ve lived in the UK for 23 years, and I still can’t understand why clean roads are necessary for people to get to work.

I feel a song coming on: ‘They do it over there, but we don’t do it here’………let’s create a new fashion – a winter fashion of being ‘can do people’.

My promise to you: kgn design arrives come rain or snow.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Thank you ever so much. Hope you had an amazing day yourself.

    It would be my absolute pleasure to come ‘sing like a skylark’, working on your home for sure. Thank you for that beautiful image! You are amazing at imagery for sure.

    Can’t wait to hear from you.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi, Kirsten,
    We met on the bus going to Glasgow on Saturday. I really, really like your web site and handy tips and hints, pictures and layout. It’s all so full of positivity; that “can do” attitude you are exuding. I’m looking forward to telling my husband about you and hope you can come and work some of your magic in my home too, later on this year.
    It was rather like meeting a skylark and seeing and enjoying it singing it’s heart out meeting you that day.
    Best wishes

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