Wrapping gifts using what you already have.

Over the years I’ve had much fun gift wrapping, so I thought I’d share a couple of fun, simple and easy to do ideas, which also won’t break the bank.I reuse and keep a stock of cheap ribbon and other bits and pieces bought or gifted over the years, so before you rush out and buy gift wrapping materials, have a look at some of my ideas and see if you too can use only what you have already.

The biggest problem you have with having a random collection, is you don’t have enough paper of one kind for all the gifts. Try grouping your gifts and wrap gifts with similar colours and materials – it will make them look like they belong together.


gift wrap not stylish paper and no bow

To use up that odd roll of paper, which always seems to be in a pack of gift wrap, you simply add some single coloured paper. Fold some ribbon and bows from the chosen wrapping paper, and to make it easier to control – tape each bit of paper ribbon to the parcel as you add them. Creating the bows beforehand makes it easier to handle also.

extending gift wrap, not enough paper

By making your own cards and finding bows with similar pattern to your paper, you’ll make a group of gifts look together and quite like you intended it just so.

home made produce and material wrapping

If you have no paper strong enough or big enough to decorate and wrap a couple of jars of home made produce – go for actual material. I tagged the bag in no time, added a button, and painted a few gold letters onto the top of the lid cover. The bow is just the rest of the string I tagged with.
gift wrap extending paper with nice scraps

If the paper isn’t big enough you can solve the problem with a few nice pieces of scrap. Fold the scraps and let the shortest length dictate which side of the wrap you are able to extend, i.e. along the long or the short side of the gift. Cello tape the strips together and onto the back with normal tape, but hold it in place over the gift with double sided tape for neatness.

metallic gift wrap

Metallic paper from when CD came in little bags can come in handy for small gifts. colours or materials for one person, secret Santa or gift games.





If you have any questions – just ask. I can be reached here and more regularly on Facebook. Or send a text. Happy to help.